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Undertake the online Dynamic Parenting Course.

A step-by-step neurodivergent affirming online training you can work through at your own pace.

Online Course + Community

 Access both the Online Course + Community.

The support and guidance you need to raise your child who thinks, learns, and grows differently.

Kate + Course + Community

Access Kate + the Course + Community. Kate's individual support in navigating your dynamic parenting journey.

Online Course

$120 x monthly - 6 payments

life time access to course

Access the Dynamic Parenting Online Course via 6 payments or one-off payment of $720.

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Course + Community

$193 monthly

month by month access

Join the Dynamic Parenting Online Course + Community for monthly support.

Pay monthly or annually for $1993, with an annual saving of $323.

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Kate + Course + Community

$386 monthly

month by month access

Kate + Course + Community for monthly support.

Pay monthly or annually for $3,990, with an annual saving of $642.

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What people are saying


"I don't like many people, but you're OK. I will let you come back."

~ BB, 14 year old, Autistic

"You just seem to weave so much richness into everyday tasks with Miss 13.

It's magic how you can follow her lead and embed so much learning without her knowing."

~ Parent of 13-year-old girl, Gifted, Autistic & PDA

"He gets so excited about your visits he asks every day if today is the day you are coming!"

~ Suzanne, mum of 6-year-old boy


"Kate is very highly regarded within the neurodivergent community.

Her unique skills and perspective means she sees and understands things others don't.

She has so much to offer educators and parents alike; I refer all the complex families and kids to Kate! I'm like, righto, you need to go see this lovely lady called Kate Donohue... she's going to help you out."

~ Sophia Elliott, host of Our Gifted Kids Podcast

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