Neuroaffirming, attachment-based parenting support with Kate who not only has lived experience as an autistic, ADHD, PDAer herself she also raises neurodivergent children.

She also has two decades of experience working in education and disability, including offering her neuroaffirming parenting training where parents get evidence-based education and mentoring to raise neurodivergent children within a community of like-minded parents.

Free Connection Call

Join Kate for a free 15 min online session.

Learn more about how the course and community can support you . 

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Online Course

Undertake the online Dynamic Parenting Course.

A step-by-step neurodivergent affirming online training you can work through at your own pace.

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Course + Community

 Access both the Online Course + Community.

A combination of self-directed online training and group mentoring, support and guidance.

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Tired of feeling like you’re alone?

When my children were young I felt so alone. The concept of being neuroaffirming was not around and the professional advice did not align with my values. Advice often went against my training in how human beings flourish. With years of training in attachment, development and relational safety, I developed a responsive way to parent that was based on neuroscience and developing nervous system regulation. 

I want you to get credible, relevant evidence-based support that is neuroaffirming and based on lived experience. 

So I combined what I have learned from: 

  • 20+ years in the educational and disability sectors
  • 17 years of parenting to two multi-neurodivergent children¬†
  • embracing¬†my authentic multi-neurodivergent identity¬†

Into an easy-to-follow online course with regular group mentoring and community support. I help you to become a neurodivergent-affirming parent.

Our neurodivergent affirming approach is woven through everything we do, including how we support you.

I am in your corner, providing neuroaffirming advice and continued support to move forward and create the connected family you desire. 

As parents, we are here to support our children to understand who they are, how the world works and how to be the healthiest version of themselves within it. This is a difficult task when the world is not designed to meet neurodivergent needs, but it is not impossible and I can show you how!

I would love you to join me in our Dynamic Parenting Community so we can go on this parenting journey together!

~ Kate Donohue

Learn HOW to be a Neurodivergent Affirming parent and carer 

Unlearn traditional parenting practices and relearn affirming parenting skills with Kate

Online Course

The Dynamic Parenting Course includes six self-paced modules that teach you how to become the neurodivergent-affirming parent your child needs to help them regulate and navigate everyday life.

  • All modules include 6 or 7 components, each¬†with a 5-10 min video to watch.
  • Easy-to-use¬†worksheets complement the modules, consolidate learning, and help create meaningful action.
  • The course guides you through creating a Companion Folder which holds worksheets, assessments, profile summaries, and¬†goals that help you to advocate for your child's needs to be understood and met.


Understanding Neurodiversity. This module unpacks neurodiversity, your child's strengths and challenges, believing in your child and becoming a dynamic parent! 


Developing Deep Relationships. This module looks at traditional parenting, becoming a parent mentor, regulation, joy, and deeply relating. 


Strategies for a better life. This module maps needs, top-down and bottom-up approaches, explores your Toolkit and what to proritise when everything goes wrong.


Navigating Therapy. This module unpacks choosing therapists, matching needs to therapies, preparing for assessments, and understanding reports.


Values, Vision & Goals. This module explores both your and your child's vision and values, as well as writing vision statements and goals.


Constructing the Companion Folder. This module shows you how to develop an overview of your child's individual profile, background information to include, how to build your team and compile your folder.

The Dynamic Parenting Course helps you to:

‚úĒÔłŹ confidently navigate parenting your neurodivergent child,

‚úĒÔłŹ deeply understand and connect with your neurodivergent child,¬†

‚úĒÔłŹ develop secure attachment through attunement and relational safety,

‚úĒÔłŹ leave feelings of being overwhelmed and isolated behind,

‚úĒÔłŹ parent with balance, wisdom, and connection, and

‚úĒÔłŹ be more organised and purposeful with meetings, disability funding, therapy, and school.

"I developed Dynamic Parenting because I don't want you to feel alone, like I did" ~ Kate Donohue

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Online Course + Community

The Dynamic Parenting Course + Community includes everything in the Dynamic Parenting Online Course above plus guidance from Kate to apply the skills and knowledge you learn in the course. You get to ask Kate questions about how to raise your child through a neurodivergent-affirming lens as it relates to any area of life including homelife, education and therapy.

Join other families like yours on your journey to being the best support for your neurodivergent children that you can be. Meet parents like you, who are committed to improving their lives and creating healthier, happier families.

You can ask ANY question and discuss ANY topic you need in safety and with understanding so you never have to go it alone again.

Welcome Pack. 

Receive your Welcome Kit and Companion Folder which includes folder dividers, a journal, and a teacup as an invitation from Kate to join her for a warm cuppa tea and a chat about neurodivergent life and parenting. 

Group Coaching.

Fortnightly online group coaching with Kate and the Dynamic Parenting Community where you can ask Kate any questions you need answered. 

Dynamic Parenting Course.

The step-by-step, self-paced, 6-module Dynamic Parenting Course. See details above.

Connection Call.

Book a complimentary one-on-one call with Kate to get to know each other and discuss your needs so you can have tailored support throughout the program.


Private Community Forum.

Be welcomed into our private online Community Forum which is more secure and not connected to social media. 

Extensive Resources.

Gain access to an extensive video library and a tool kit with easy-to-understand videos and worksheets. 

Online Course + Community includes Group Coaching:

Get answers to any questions you might have LIVE, every fortnight.

Dynamic Parenting is neurodivergent-affirming for parents, so you get to experience what it feels like to recieve the support practices you are taught in the course.

Group coaching is designed to be neuroaffirming for you-if you turn up late, in your PJs, need your camera off, want to type questions rather then talk, want to email questions beforehand in case you forget, eat and listen, fidget and listen, walk and move-it is all accepted fully and we encourage you to meet your needs. We are here to support you and you can show up as you are and be accepted. We are neuroaffirming on all levels at Dynamic Parenting and we have a high percentage of neurodivergent parents in our community.

During these online sessions, we discuss a wide range of neurodivergent life topics including the program content, what has come up during the week at home, school or education, and therapy.

Parents love these calls because it gives them another opportunity to connect with Kate, and to ensure they’re on track and moving forward.

We can’t wait to connect and grow with you!

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Free Connection Call

Join Kate for a free 15 min online session.

Learn more about how the course and community can support you . 

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Online Course

Undertake the online Dynamic Parenting Course.

A step-by-step neurodivergent affirming online training you can work through at your own pace.

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Course + Community

 Access both the Online Course + Community.

A combination of self-directed online training and group mentoring, support and guidance.

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Hi, I'm Kate.

"We are all on this parenting journey together and we really do need each other's support. We are all told parenting is hard, but nobody prepares us for parenting children who are developing differently in a society that doesn't understand them or how to meet their basic needs!

  • Do you feel like you give everything to support your child but feel like it's not enough?
  • Are you left exhausted and feel like you are failing as a parent even though you are doing your best?¬†

I, too, have felt this on a deep level and it was a sign that I needed a new framework to understand my family's needs. 

Kate specialises in:

Autistic & Neurodivergent Culture

  • how to meet autistic, and neurodivergent needs
  • masking, unmasking, and autistic identity
  • autistic burnout, shutdowns, and inertia¬†
  • neurodivergent trust, safety, and communication
  • supporting sensory and emotional regulation needs
  • executive functioning and information processing¬†
  • problem-solving using a neurodivergent affirming framework
  • educational support and recommendations¬†
  • advocacy and teaching self-advocacy¬†
  • co-regulation and self-regulation
  • addressing stress-based behaviours

Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)

  • lived experience of PDA training from¬†a PDA worldview¬†
  • how demands impact the nervous system
  • recognising, managing, and changing demands¬†
  • PDA¬†stress-based behaviours
  • understanding equalising and leveling
  • modifying the environment and expectations
  • understanding and meeting the drive for¬†choice and control¬†
  • maintaining, building and investing in relationships
  • autonomy and boundaries finding a safe balance
  • supporting PDAers from a regulation framework¬†
  • understanding PDA¬†value systems¬†and¬†internal structures


If you aren’t completely satisfied let us know within the first 14 days for a full refund. No questions asked.


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Compassionate, collaborative, authentic & constructive mentoring

Develop skills and insight to successfully attune to and meet your neurodivergent child's needs