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Raising neurodivergent children we need to be more conscious of the goals that we work towards. It is very easy to get lost following the direction of educators, therapists and family members that tell us about our child’s deficits and what their goals should be.


As parents, our job is to put everything into perspective and look at what is important and valuable to our child’s wellbeing before we act. We need to understand their core values and who they are as a person before we can start setting goals. 


If you would like a copy of our Core Values Workbook please email [email protected] and I will be happy to send you a copy!.


Once you have a deep understanding of what your child values are, you can start writing goals. I always have one major goal and focus on that and let the others simmer in the background until I am ready.


It is not wise to work on too many goals at once but it is good to be aware of where we are going next. Goals often need reviewing and tweaking as sometimes the direction needs to change. Setting goals give us clarity, direction and motivates us and keep us moving forward. 


When setting goals, SMART goals are the way to go. SMART goals are very specific. Here are some examples:


Specific - anyone should be able to look at your goal and know what you are trying to accomplish. 

Non-specific: “Be more organised the night before”.

Specific: “Have clothes set out the night before”.


Measurable - a target to aim for that can help motivate and challenge you.

Not measurable: “Do more sensory activities”.

Measurable: “Model 2 sensory activities per day”.


Achievable - it is possible and realistic. Every families’ “achievable” looks very different.

Not achievable: “To stop the kids fighting”. 

Achievable: “Play with Lego as a family for 30 mins”.


Relevant - there’s meaning to achieving the goal. 

Not relevant: “Will become an independent adult”. 

Relevant: “Puts dirty clothes in hamper by Friday”.


Timely - means that you have a deadline. There is an endpoint for your goal which improves motivation and increases outcomes.

Not Timely: “Completes all morning jobs on the checklist”. 

Timely: “Complete all morning jobs on the checklist by 8:15am”.


I hope this helps!

And please see attached 2 x worksheets for you to set your goals! :)



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