Kate Donohue

Neurodiversity Consultant and Parent Mentor


     Kate supports families to understand their child's individual needs, to implement professional's recommendations and how to manage the day to day life while raising kids who think and learn differently. Most importantly Kate helps families to develop stronger connections with each other and deeper relationships.

     Kate has been working in the disability sector for more than 20 years. She has been a DIRFloortime therapist, kindergarten and school teacher, service leader mentor, support worker, and workshop presenter.  

     Her passion developed from her own experiences of growing up 'thinking, learning and experiencing my world differently'. She found ways to thrive in her own unique way in a world that is not designed for people who are different. This gives her valuable insights and a natural ability to relate.

     Kate's work experiences include studying disability inclusion in Norway, working with youth at risk in Canada and supporting children with severe and complex needs in the Cook Islands and rural Australia. Kate has facilitated many parent support groups and committees.   

     Kate's learning journey really began when she became a parent to 2 neurodivergent girls. She took her learning to new depths in order to understand complex development and became a DIRFloortime therapist.

     Kate has supported over 100 children and families in the last 20 years, she has a deep understanding of neurodiversity and can support you on your journey.